A spirited creative community guided by Flora Bowley

Inspiration. Permission. Connection.


FREE FLO is a spirited global community where creative expression is a vehicle for self-discovery and collective healing. 

Guided by artist, author, community builder, and creative visionary, Flora Bowley, FREE FLO offers a heart-centered space for artists and seekers from around the world to experience a sense of belonging, stay inspired, and cultivate artistic courage and intuitive freedom. There is truly no other community quite like it!

Live weekly gatherings include soulful practices like intuitive painting, gentle movement, freedom-focused drawing, flow writing, breathwork, meditation, and daily creative prompts designed to infuse more vitality into all areas of life.

With a dynamic array of live gatherings each month, FREE FLO offers a compelling reason to put these sacred creative pursuits on the calendar and a loving community to meet you there.

As one member recently said, "FREE FLO is both a safe haven and a stirring, awakening call to the creator in me who longs to thrive." 

Currently, this is the sole online space where Flora teaches and gathers live, and the value she brings is extraordinary.

If you're feeling creatively blocked, isolated, or disconnected from your vitality, FREE FLO is here to lift you up and set you free. You don't need to do this alone! No previous art experience is necessary. This community is designed for everyone. 

How Does It Work?

With options to dip in for month or dive in for a year, FREE FLO includes easy-to-navigate live weekly classes, a loving global community, a library of creative resources, access to every past class replay, and so much more. 

In FREE FLO, there's no concept of falling behind; dive in at anytime and join the creative play. A warm and welcoming community awaits to embrace you just as you are — no prior art experience is needed. Come as you are and let the creative adventures begin.

Who Is FREE FLO For?

FREE FLO is for anyone seeking a vibrant community where creativity meets self-discovery. Whether you're an experienced artist, a curious beginner, or someone longing for more connection and aliveness, you belong here. 

Our community offers a caring balance of accountability and freedom. You'll receive practical art-making lessons, tools to make peace with your inner critic, soulful writing prompts, meditations, movement classes, guest teachers, daily creative prompts, a supportive community to connect with, and so much more. 

If you're feeling creatively blocked, isolated, or disconnected from your vitality, FREE FLO is here to lift you up and set you free. You don't need to do this alone!

Tell Me About the Weekly Gatherings

Our live weekly classes are the heartbeat of our community.

Times rotate each week to accommodate different time zones. 

Community Art Gathering: Gather your supplies for an inspiring and educational two-hour art jam with a fresh music playlist every month! This is the place to create along with Flora, ask questions, and get inspired.

Guest Inspirationalists: Experience an incredible new guide each month, including painters, coaches, musicians, poets, writers, and so much more.  

Heart Circle: Cozy up for a soulful check-in where Flora shares personal stories and guides you through heart-centered practices. A community favorite!

Open Studio: Create along with your global community, see what other folks are working on, share ideas, and stay inspired.

Live Community Art Gatherings, Guest Inspirationalists, and Heart Circles are typically held on Wednesdays. Open Studios are held on Saturdays.

Start times for the Live Events rotate each week to create more accessibility in different time zones. Replays are posted within 24 hours of the live calls and remain in the Replay Library indefinitely. New members have immediate access to all past classes and gatherings in the abundantly stocked Replay Library.  

What Else Is Included?

FREE FLO includes much more than just the weekly gatherings. You'll also receive:

Free Flowin' Bonus Content: Enjoy generous bonuses and curated surprises from Flora, such as painting classes, creative challenges, music playlists, and more.

Daily Creative Prompts: Receive a fresh set of playful prompts each week to use as jumping-off points for things like journalling, drawing, painting, or photography. 

Invitation to Join a Small Group POD: Join a group of 5 other FREE FLO members to experience more intimacy, accountability, and ongoing support.

Inspiration Exchange: Stay inspired with an ongoing flow of art and resources in our Community Art Gallery, Creative Prompt Share, Favorite Art Materials, and Free Resource spaces. 

In Person Meet Ups: FREE FLO makes it easy to see who else in the community lives nearby; many friendships have been born here!

Community Reflections

What current community member are saying:

Today's community art gathering...Blown away! How is it possible that I could feel the beautiful connection with each one of you through a computer screen?! Amazing! Brought to tears by the vulnerable sharing. Thank you all! - Stephanie

FREE FLO has changed my life for the better, I’m not even kidding. I am Alive again! This community reminds me daily why I love to create and how essential creativity is to my well-being. I paint/write daily now as a form of self-love, as well as a deep desire to better my practice. - Kerry H

FREE FLO is a space where I get to feel connected, seen, held, inspired, and encouraged. It’s such a beautiful community filled with authentic courageous hearts. If I ever feel blocked, all the encouragement I need is available in this group, and being able to connect with Flora is the best bonus ever!- Jennifer P

Now that I am a member of FREE FLO, I feel it is possible for me to play and explore my creative ideas. FREE FLO gives me mountains of information and it offers me more than I ever dreamed of. I am very grateful to be a FREE FLO member. - Barbara P

I adore that we are connecting from around the world... I love the variety of people in the group. - Susan P

The daily prompts keep me in discovery/ curiosity mode. I find myself looking for interesting things to be joyful about. I also love the self-inquiry aspects of FREE FLO. For instance…Am I creating more than I am consuming? It’s keeping me honest with myself. - Debi W

It gives me something to look forward to. I know no matter what, I'm going to paint with the community gathering, even if life's been hectic or I'm not in the mood. I love having a place online to scroll through to find inspiration, creativity, and soulful sharing. It expands my currently small world by connecting me with people across the world, living all different kinds of lives, all like-minded and very different at the same time.

I love how the movement and playlist ground me and open me up.
It all feels so right and so inspired. - Kathleen K

Being part of the FREE FLO community for the past four months has definitely enhanced my life. This group has fulfilled my wish to hang out with “like-minded souls." I feel like an old dog learning new tricks! - Diane S

The opportunity to build lifelong friendships, grow as an artist, and find a little more wholeness- Bethany B

As a perfectionist I always make a lot of plans but don't DO them, FREE FLO made me finally sit down and start to play with painting supplies. - Chantal B

FREE Flo is an opportunity for me to weave more "for the joy of it" creative play into my personal life. - Jill B

It inspires me to create regularly... in all ways. And, to be more aware and conscious of what holds me back from expressing my truest self. - Susan P

One of my highest-held values is connection and that is what I find in FREE FLO. Connection with like-minded, big-hearted women and some men! Also feeling safe to share. I tend to be very private. You have created a space where I feel I can share myself on all levels and it will be received with kindness and encouragement. - Laurie E

The Free FLO community has shown love, grace, and acceptance during a personally difficult time. Members have reached out and shown love and attention at a time when I was feeling quite lonely and isolated. Priceless.
- Gabrielle F

I am creating regularly again. Sometimes in between clients, sometimes at the end of the day, sometimes to start the day - even if it is for 5 minutes, this is precious to me. - Sandy R

I feel like I'm with my people here... people who understand this deeply personal soul work we're doing and the creative path we're navigating.
Thank you for creating this beautiful space!

I believe I'm living a more healthy life with some of the practices you have shared and some of the guest speakers. - Trudy R

Frequently Asked Quesitons

Why is it called FREE FLO? 

The name FREE FLO was inspired by Flora's nickname, Flo, and her signature style of free flow painting. 

Can I try it for a month and then switch to the yearly plan?

Yes! That's a great way to see if FREE FLO is a good fit for you. After the first month, it's easy to switch over to the yearly plan at anytime. 

Will I have access to all the past replays and content?

Yes! When you join, you'll have access to all the previous classes and live gatherings. The Replay Library is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. 

What if I miss a live call?

Replays of all the live calls are posted within 24 hours of the call and remain in the Replay Library indefinitely. 

How much time do I need to participate? 

This is really up to you. You're encouraged to jump in and play whenever time and inspiration allow without the pressure of "falling behind." Each month, there is 4 hours of live class time (with replays available), plus a 2 hour Open Studio, and additional bonus content. 

What do I need to participate? 

You'll need a solid wifi connection to access the information and videos, in addition to any art materials you're inspired to work with. You'll find a list of Flora's favorite supplies inside the community. Videos are not downloadable. 

Will Flora teach me how to paint?

The Community Art Gatherings are a warm and inviting space to break out your art supplies and feel uplifted by the energy of creating alongside others. Flora will be painting, sharing music, offering readings, and inviting you to move, let go, and play.

While there will be plenty of painting tips and creative guidance, this is not a traditional "class" in that Flora won't be telling you exactly what to do each step of the way. Think of it more as an invitation to create in your way, supported by an inspiring community with space to ask questions directly to Flora. 

If you're brand new to intuitive painting and crave more step-by-step support, FREE FLO members receive 30% off Flora's more comprehensive painting courses, available with lifetime access. 

How do I find people who live near me? 

When you join FREE FLO, you'll be able to see other members of the community who live near you. We encourage you to reach out with a direct message if you want to connect.

How do I share my artwork? Will there be critiques?  

Our Community Art Gallery is a safe and supportive place to post your work and see what your fellow FREE FLOers are creating. You will always have the opportunity to ask for feedback or not. On occasion, Flora will offer one-on-one support through bonus video sessions. 

What if I need tech support? 

We got you! Simply email us at [email protected] if questions arise. Thankfully, we think Mighty Networks is quite easy to navigate which is why we're here.

What if I want to cancel?

When you choose the month-to-month option, you are welcome to cancel your FREE FLO membership at any time. You will lose access to the content when your next billing cycle begins. You can also rejoin at any time. When you choose the yearly option, you can cancel after twelve months.

If this feels like your cup of tea, we'd be delighted to welcome you to FREE FLO! So many beautiful gifts await in this loving community of creativity and connection.