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A spirited creative community guided by Flora Bowley

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Doors are currently closed. We only open twice a year. You can jump into the flow when we open again in April 2024! 

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FREE FLO was born in the Fall of 2022 as a way to offer more depth, intimacy, and an ongoing "flow" of inspiration to Flora Bowley's soulful network of creatives. 

FREE FLO is now a vibrant hub of inspiration, and the community continues to strengthen, deepen, and evolve with each passing month. 

With options to dip in for a month or dive in for a year, FREE FLO offers easy-to-navigate live weekly classes, a supportive interactive community, small group PODS, daily creative prompts, over 40 archived classes, and so much more.

Members of FREE FLO will receive a special invitation to "Camp FREE FLO" at Flora's new Oregon retreat center next Summer, as well as being the first to hear about all of Flora's 2024 retreat offerings. Members also receive 30% off all of Flora's online courses.

This is the only place Flora is sharing live online right now and the value is truly incredible.

If you’re feeling stuck, isolated, or disconnected from your creative aliveness, FREE FLO is here to lift you up and guide you back to what matters most. You don't need to do this alone!

In FREE FLO, you're never behind and always right on time, so jump in and play anytime. A beautiful community is waiting to welcome you with open arms. No art experience necessary, come as you are...

How Does It Work?

FREE FLO offers live weekly classes, daily creative prompts, a fully stocked and growing library of recorded classes, a supportive community, small-group PODS, and an abundance of creative resources. 

Here’s a glimpse of our live weekly classes -- the heartbeat of the community. Times rotate each month to accommodate different time zones. 

Community Art Gathering: Break out your paints and flow...

On the first Wednesday of every month, circle up for an inspiring and educational two-hour Community Art Gathering. This is the place to create along with Flora, ask questions, learn new techniques, and stay inspired. Offered live with replays available.

Guest Inspirationalists: Learn, expand, and stay inspired...

On the second Wednesday of every month, learn unique ways of infusing creativity into all aspects of life from one of Flora's favorite creative visionaries. Experience an incredible new guide each month, including painters, coaches, musicians, poets, writers, and so much more. Offered live with replays available. 

Heart Circle: Go deep and listen in...

On the third Wednesday of every month, cozy up for a soulful mid-month check-in where Flora shares what's stirring in her life and offers inspiring writing prompts, guided meditations, drawing exercises, and gentle movement to support "the art of aliveness." Offered live with replays available. 

Open Studio: Community supported art dates...

On the fourth or fifth Saturday of most months, come paint along with your community during a luxurious three-hour Open Studio. See what other FREE FLOers are working on, share ideas, have a reason to show up and paint! Pop in when you can. Offered live with no replay. 

Free Flowin' Bonus Content: Special gifties just for you!

In the spirit of free-flowing generosity, enjoy special bonuses and curated surprises from Flora each month. Bonus gifts includes things like pre-recorded classes from Flora's archived classes, creative challenges, bonus guests, and extra live events. Shared spontaneously. 

Small Group PODS: Get connected. Go deeper...

Join a group of five other FREE FLO members to experience more intimacy, accountability, and ongoing support in a small group setting.

Daily Creative Prompts: Stay inspired...

Receive fresh creative prompts every single day to use as jumping-off points for things like journalling, drawing, painting, photography, movement, or simply moving through the world with the eyes of an artist. 

Inspiration Exchange: Lift each other up...

Enjoy an ongoing flow of inspiration shared in our Community Art Gallery, Creative Prompt Share, Favorite Art Materials, and Free Resource spaces. 

In Person Meet Ups: Hello, new friends...

All FREE FLO members will be invited to join Flora for "Camp FREE FLO" in the Summer of 2024 at her new retreat center in Oregon. Meeting up with kindred creatives who live in your local area is also encouraged :-)

Who Is FREE FLO For?

Anyone needing a fresh kick of inspiration, loving community connection, and creative accountability!

We've living through wild transformational times, friends, and so many people are feeling disconnected, uninspired, and not sure how to find their creative groove. You are not alone. The urge to connect and create is there, but you're just not sure where to start. The wonderful thing about creativity is that it's always right there waiting to be remembered. No experience required. You were born to create...

If you're seeking a way to connect with Flora directly, a loving and supportive creative community, accountability to show up and get your hands messy, more fun and play in all areas of your life, and clear soulful instruction for painting, drawing, writing, and movement practices, FREE FLO is for you.

No matter where you are on your path, FREE FLO offers a loving space, the perfect balance of accountability and freedom, Flora's gentle wise guidance, and permission to get your creative juices flowing. 

It's time to step towards what your soul is craving and tend to the things that bring you alive. You have all the tools to begin right now!

We've got this. We've got each other.

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - Howard Thurman

What's The Schedule?

Our Live Community Art Gatherings, Guest Inspirationalist Classes, and Heart Circles are held on the first four Wednesdays of every month. Open Studios are held the forth or 5th Saturday of the month. 

Start times for the Live Events will rotate each month to create more accessibility in different time zones. Replays are posted within 24 hours of the live call and remain in the Replay Library indefinitely. New members have immediate access to over forty classes in Replay Library. 

Schedule for the rest of 2023. Listed in Pacific Daylight Time:

Guest Inspirationalist: September 13th, 10-11am

Heart Circle: September 20th, 6-7pm

Bonus Guest: September 27th, 7-8pm

Community Art Gathering: October 4th, 10-12pm

Guest Inspirationalist: October 11th, 6-7pm 

Heart Circle: October 18th, 2-3pm

Bonus Community Art Gathering: October 25th, 2-4pm 

Community Art Gathering: November 1st, 6-8pm

Guest Inspirationalist: November 8th, 2-3pm 

Heart Circle: November 15th, 10-11am

Open Studio: November 25th, 11-2pm

Community Art Gathering: December 6th, 2-4pm

Guest Inspirationalist: December 13th, 10-11am

Heart Circle: December 20th, 6-7pm

Open Studio: December 30th, 11-2pm


What do FREE FLOers have to say about it?

Today's community art gathering...Blown away! How is it possible that I could feel the beautiful connection with each one of you through a computer screen?! Amazing! Brought to tears by the vulnerable sharing. Thank you all! - Stephanie

FREE FLO has changed my life for the better, I’m not even kidding. I am Alive again! This community reminds me daily why I love to create and how essential creativity is to my well-being. I paint/write daily now as a form of self-love, as well as a deep desire to better my practice. - Kerry H

FREE FLO is a space where I get to feel connected, seen, held, inspired, and encouraged. It’s such a beautiful community filled with authentic courageous hearts. If I ever feel blocked, all the encouragement I need is available in this group, and being able to connect with Flora is the best bonus ever!- Jennifer P

Now that I am a member of FREE FLO, I feel it is possible for me to play and explore my creative ideas. FREE FLO gives me mountains of information and it offers me more than I ever dreamed of. I am very grateful to be a FREE FLO member. - Barbara P

I adore that we are connecting from around the world... I love the variety of people in the group. - Susan P

The daily prompts keep me in discovery/ curiosity mode. I find myself looking for interesting things to be joyful about. I also love the self-inquiry aspects of FREE FLO. For instance…Am I creating more than I am consuming? It’s keeping me honest with myself. - Debi W

It gives me something to look forward to. I know no matter what, I'm going to paint with the community gathering, even if life's been hectic or I'm not in the mood. I love having a place online to scroll through to find inspiration, creativity, and soulful sharing. It expands my currently small world by connecting me with people across the world, living all different kinds of lives, all like-minded and very different at the same time.

I love how the movement and playlist ground me and open me up.
It all feels so right and so inspired. - Kathleen K

Being part of the FREE FLO community for the past four months has definitely enhanced my life. This group has fulfilled my wish to hang out with “like-minded souls." I feel like an old dog learning new tricks! - Diane S

The opportunity to build lifelong friendships, grow as an artist, and find a little more wholeness- Bethany B

As a perfectionist I always make a lot of plans but don't DO them, FREE FLO made me finally sit down and start to play with painting supplies. - Chantal B

FREE Flo is an opportunity for me to weave more "for the joy of it" creative play into my personal life. - Jill B

It inspires me to create regularly... in all ways. And, to be more aware and conscious of what holds me back from expressing my truest self. - Susan P

One of my highest-held values is connection and that is what I find in FREE FLO. Connection with like-minded, big-hearted women and some men! Also feeling safe to share. I tend to be very private. You have created a space where I feel I can share myself on all levels and it will be received with kindness and encouragement. - Laurie E

The Free FLO community has shown love, grace, and acceptance during a personally difficult time. Members have reached out and shown love and attention at a time when I was feeling quite lonely and isolated. Priceless.
- Gabrielle F

I am creating regularly again. Sometimes in between clients, sometimes at the end of the day, sometimes to start the day - even if it is for 5 minutes, this is precious to me. - Sandy R

I feel like I'm with my people here... people who understand this deeply personal soul work we're doing and the creative path we're navigating.
Thank you for creating this beautiful space!

I believe I'm living a more healthy life with some of the practices you have shared and some of the guest speakers. - Trudy R

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called FREE FLO? 

The name FREE FLO was inspired by Flora's nickname, Flo, and her desire to be in the flow with creativity and community. Think of FREE FLO like a gently flowing river of inspiration – always there to support you without ever feeling pushy or urgent. 'Jump in and play when you can!' is the vibe!

Can I try it for a month and then switch to the yearly plan?

Yep! That's a great way to see if FREE FLO is a good fit for you right now. After the first month, it's easy to switch over to the yearly plan. We're happy to help you make the transition if you have any questions. 

Will I have access to all the past replays and content?

Yep! When you join now, you'll have access to all the content from the past year of FREE FLO and all the content moving forward. The Replay Library is a treasure trove of over forty inspiring videos

What if I miss a live call?

Replays of all the live calls are posted within 24 hours of the call and remain in the Replay Library indefinitely. Watch them or return to them whenever it's convenient for YOU. See the exact live class times for the rest of 2023 in the section above. 

How much time do I need to participate? 

This is really up to you. We encourage folks to jump in and play whenever time and inspiration allow without the pressure of "falling behind." Each month, there will be a minimum of 4 hours of live class time (with replays available), plus a 3 hour Open Studio and addition to bonus videos, impromptu gatherings, simple daily prompts, and pre-recorded videos.

What do I need to participate? 

You'll need a solid wifi connection to access the information and videos, in addition to any art materials you're inspired to work with. You'll find a list of Flora's favorite supplies inside the community, and we're happy to answer any questions about materials that arise. Videos are not downloadable. 

Will Flora teach me how to paint?

The Community Art Gatherings will be a warm and inviting space to break out your art supplies and feel uplifted by the energy of creating alongside others. Flora will be painting, sharing music, offering readings, and inviting you to move, let go, and play.

While there will be plenty of painting tips and support, this is not a traditional "class" in that Flora won't be telling you exactly what to do each step of the way. Think of it more as an invitation to create in your way, supported by an inspiring community with space to ask questions. 

If you're brand new to intuitive painting and crave more step-by-step support, FREE FLO members receive 30% off Flora's more comprehensive painting courses, available with lifetime access. 

Can I join anytime? 

Enrollment for FREE FLO opens twice a year -- in the Spring and in the Fall. Registration is now closed and will open again in April 2024. 

How do I find people who live near me? 

When you join FREE FLO, you'll be able to see other members of the community who live near you. We encourage you to reach out with a direct message if you want to connect.

How do I share my artwork? Will there be critiques?  

Our Community Art Gallery is a safe and supportive place to post your work and see what your fellow FREE FLOers are creating. You will always have the opportunity to ask for feedback or not. On occasion, Flora will offer one-on-one support through bonus live sessions. 

What if I need tech support? 

We got you! Simply email us at [email protected] when questions arise. Thankfully, we think Mighty Networks is quite easy to navigate which is why we're here!

What if I want to cancel?

When you choose the month-to-month option, you are welcome to cancel your FREE FLO membership at any time. You will lose access to the content when your next billing cycle begins. You can also rejoin at any time :) When you choose the yearly option, you can cancel after twelve months.